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Photographer: Kelly Bouchard

Location: Jefferson, Iowa 50129
Phone: 515-370-4930

Short + Sweet-
Born and raised in small town Iowa, I studied General Communication at the
University of Northern Iowa, and started shooting

portraits & weddings professionally in 2009.  Lived for 4 years in Alaska.  Relocated to Melbourne, Florida for 4 years and now

have finally moved back home to Iowa for the long haul.

Long + Oversharey-


My favorite part of this job is spending time with new people and documenting them as they become comfortable around me and my camera.
My second favorite part is using my creativity to create custom print and album layouts. I really love using your photos to tell a story with clean and timeless designs.
My third favorite part of this job is reliving your story through your photos.  Trust me when I say that while I'm editing your images, I'm my own worst critic, even when I know you'll love them in the end because they tell YOUR story!
I love Facebook and update my business page there regularly.
I love that people hire me not because I take pretty pictures, but because I love the people I work with and I love documenting the story of their lives.

For Photographers-
My camera system of choice is Canon. I use a 5D Mark IV and a 1D Mark III.  I believe "take photos. all the time. of everything." is the answer to a lot of questions I get asked.  I also have several lenses that maximize what I'm capable of shooting, from a 50mm 1.2, a 100mm macro, to a 24-70L series lens.  Let me know if you have any questions about my gear!

Wedding, Iowa
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